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Dr. Akarsh Chaudhary

Chief Operation Officer of the Rana Hospital

Dr. Akarsh Chaudhary

Chief Operation Officer of the Rana Hospital

As COO of the Rana Hospital (A unit of Health care ), it is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the 50 dedicated doctors and 100 healthcare professionals who work together to provide essential health care services to help you achieve optimum long-term health.The comfort and care of our patients is our main goal. Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional care that exceeds national standards in quality, safety and patient satisfaction, rather elation. Everything is designed keeping the patient in mind – the serene, natural environment, the pleasant interiors and the state-of-the-art facilities. We believe that all these factors help patients feel relaxed and comfortable, in an atmosphere quite like home, leading to a quicker recovery. In addition to providing treatment for illnesses, we emphasize the preventive aspects of healthcare through educational events for the public at large, check-ups and lifestyle advice. This site will introduce health information and patient education resources for you to explore.

It is my privilege to be a part of this exceptional team of people who are passionate about providing the very best care for our patients and their families. Wishing you good health at all times.

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