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Laboratory Services

Rana Hospital is among the few hospitals in Bulandshahr who provide the most reliable, accurate, and advanced diagnostic services to the patients. The Pathology lab at Rana Hospital, Bulandshahr has been developed with a vision to be a one-stop place for the diagnosis of an exhaustive number of diseases. The collection system is backed by a powerful logistic system so that we can provide complete diagnostic services with an emphasis on accuracy, precision, and prompt reporting to our patients.

The computerized diagnostic laboratory provides assistance to the medical and surgical diagnosis by accelerating early and accurate diagnosis, assessing the intensity/seriousness of the disease, and monitoring the progression of the disease as well as the efficacy of treatment. Uncompromising quality is maintained with proper asepsis to restrain contamination of sample and error in reporting by assuring proper sample collection by trained laboratory staff and storage and processing of the sample by the prescribed guidelines.

The Clinical microbiology laboratory of Rana Hospital puts all the focus not only on scheduled cultures and sensitivities testing but also on molecular, serological, and immunological diagnostic tests for all infectious diseases. Furthermore, an essential function is specialized that plays a crucial part in controlling hospital-acquired infections and also helps in providing state of the art infectious disease diagnoses.

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